Tuesday, June 24, 2008

HAIN Chairs Public Information and Education Committee of RHAN

The Health Action Information Network was elected this year as the Chair of the Public Information and Education Committee of the Reproductive Health Advocacy Network (RHAN). The Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines (DSWP) was elected as Secretary-General which was relinquished by the Health Development Initiatives, Inc (HDII).

RHAN is a network of 41 organizations and individuals working on reproductive health issues in the Philippines and was formally organized in 2002.

The other committee chairs elected include LIKHAAN (Linangan ng Kababaihan, Inc.), PNGOC (Philippine NGO Council on Population, Health and Welfare), PILAKK (Pinagsamang Lakas ng Kababaihan at Kabataan), and ZOTO (Zone I Tondo) which will lead the Legal and Policy Advocacy, Networking, Constituency Building, and RHAN Youth Committee, respectively. The 2-year term of the secretary-general and the different committees of RHAN will end in 2010.

The different members of the Public Information and Education Committee includes 13 NGOs namely Woman Health Philippines, Demographic Research and Development Foundation Foundation, Inc. (DRDF), Women’s Media Circle (WMC), PNGOC, PILAKK, LIKHAAN, DSWP, Creative Collective center Inc. (CCCI), Institute for Social Studies and Action (ISSA), Sentro ng Alternatibong Lingap Pangligal (SALIGAN), women’s legal education, Advocacy and Defense Foundation, Inc. (WomenLEAD), and Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP)

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