Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Smart Chart Asia Meeting

Master trainers of Smart Chart Approach to Strategic Communications in Asia met in Manila for a three-day meeting on August 26-30 at the Shangrila Hotel. One of the objectives of the meeting is to foster greater use of strategic tools like the Smart Chart and other communications best practices in the Philippines, India and Pakistan.

HAIN leads the Smart Chart project in the Philippines. Similar health NGOs also lead the project in Pakistan (Rozan) and India (Population Foundation of India).

The meeting also facilitated sharing of experiences using the Smart Chart, as well as lessons learned from trainings of master trainers. This meeting was conducted in collaboration with the Communications Leadership Institute, a communications firm based in Washington D.C.

The meeting was structured and facilitated with an emphasis on peer learning and exchange, and include practical support for next steps the in-country partners want to take to advance their work in their home countries.

The meeting provided an opportunity for Smart Chart trainers in Asia to review the work done in Smart Chart and to learn more techniques in facilitating Smart Chart training.

Representatives from each participating country presented a brief overview of how they started their work in conducting Smart Chart training and promoting the approach to various advocacy groups.

CLI shared their own experiences with assessment of effectiveness and discussion about challenges faced by different countries. The three countries also shared the tools they have developed for assessment and evaluation of their own Smart Chart Trainings.

Each country presented a complete Smart Chart training as a team with their own fully developed case study and local examples.

The participants also facilitated peer-to-peer workshops on opposition messaging, and developing case studies.

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