Monday, July 14, 2008

New Materials at the HAIN Resource Center

Title of the Book: Redefining AIDS in Asia: Crafting an Effective Response Report of the Commission on AIDS in Asia

Principal Editor: Hein Marais
Publisher: Oxford University Press, New Delhi 2008

Summary: The Commission on AIDS in Asia was constituted to review and assess the impact of AIDS in Asia. This comprehensive study deepens and refines the understanding of Asia’s pandemic and pinpoints critical components of a viable and sustainable long-term response that can curb AIDS in Asia. It includes key implementation strategies at both the policy and operational levels for stronger response to HIV and AIDS.

The Commission concludes that among the 23 Asian countries covered under this Report, each were capable of mobilizing resources and adopting the technologies needed to win the battle against AIDS if their leaders show strong political commitment and determination, and adopt it as a priority in their political agenda.

Title of the Book: Asia Pacific Civil Society and 2008 UNGASS on HIV and AIDS

Prepared by: Asia Pacific of AIDS Service Organizations, April 2008

Summary: A general overview of the analysis and outcomes of the processes for the development of the 2008 UNGASS Reports from 25 countries in Asia and Pacific. It was noted that the current Country Reports has improved reflecting improved data collection, increased political commitment and the willingness to acknowledge key areas of weakness in national responses including the need to involve civil society organizations, PLHIV and vulnerable groups.

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